1. ezzosa:

    I needed a subject for a design assessment, so I decided to paint Grace Helbig, and I think I like how it turned out? I have seriously mixed feelings about how the necklace turned out, though. Feel free to let me know what you guys think, if there’s something I can fix up before it’s due!

    Grace, if you see this, I really hope you don’t mind if I use this for school work :)

  2. everyone has to carry a load, that is how it goes, what you do with it and how you carry it and whether you are pained or suffering is all about YOU attitude. Sad that money and economics and living comes into the picture and spoils everything

  3. eggs, booze, pigeons and happiness in the corner st in little india iduring the deepavali time in nov 2013

  4. A smell can be overwhelmingly nostalgic because it triggers powerful images and emotions before we have time to edit them… When we give perfume to someone, we give them liquid memory. Kipling was right: “Smells are surer than sights and sounds to make your heart-strings crack.”

  5. singapore: bukit timah - priceless places - the old railway that used to be a great place to walk the dog and take pictures and listen to sound of the trains. sad the government decided to rip it apart and make way for greed - use the land to make apartments - what a disaster! these pictures were taken near the Bukit timah railway station and there is nothing left there - i wonder what drives people to behave in such a egoistic way to tear down sings of the past and the sings of the times - would love to see some opinions and comments?

  6.  have been thinking a lot lately about the idea of the selfie; not taking one, even though I have attempted to do one many moons ago with my dog by my side, but this time I’m thinking  about the idea of the “selfie” and how it is now offically recognised as a deep psychological narcissistic ailment. 

    Selfies ring the truth bell hard - especially after the  BWOL teachings in Bintan; the texts clearly identify “the obsession with the self” - the me me me syndrome  as the root cause of many our mental afflictions, disappointments and sadly the bottom line - the anguish suffering of the mental kind - but in today’s camera phone digitally hyper 5g world - everyone wants to take selfies and post them wifi instantly and it is a huge buzz - and the technology supports it very well. 

    Incidentally when I asked thesaurus.com to check for “selfie” it simple turned me up with - “are you referring to  selfer self selfish sell for salve slave solve etc”. I wondered who came with the term - and found interesting angles in the Wiki articles - and that some aussie bloke lays claim to the invention and its inclusion in the Oxford Dictionary 2013 - I also heard some disastrous selfie moments when prominent people were taking, well, yes selfies, in Nelson Mandela funeral. 

  7. marina Chennai is still a darling for me. not only reminiscent of the days I used to go there and do a nice run on the sand it is also a home for the crows and a livelihood for the fisher folk who live in the Santhome and Triplicane areas

  8. chennai Marina beach - feb 2014 - 

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  10. spring time is in

    pink and violets

    lilies are different

    lotuses too